View Full Version : Canisbay Show

18-Jun-11, 16:58
Really had a lovely time at the Canisbay Show. Entered the dog show with my girl and she did well.
Thought the set up was really well managed and I believe everyone had a nice time.

All of the dogs were well behaved and I thought as an outing really good for socialisation.

Looking forward to next time.

Beat Bug
18-Jun-11, 19:55
I agree, it was a good show. And the weather kept nice too! I picked up some plants and a nice quiche for tea. Looking forward to next year already!

18-Jun-11, 20:14
The show was good today and the weather couldn't of been better...!!
My ponies had a lovely time too nice 1st show for them before the County show..!! :D

20-Jun-11, 14:47
I thought it was a great show. everyone at the dog show seemded to really enjoy themselfs wish I had a dog to put in.