View Full Version : Rural crime push

17-Jun-11, 21:05
FOR the past few weeks Northern Constabulary has been carrying out extra patrols across the Highlands in a bid to focus on rural crime.
These crimes include farm and plant theft, theft from building sites or general break-ins.Police would like to thank the public for information they have been providing in relation to this type of crime. Some of that information is still being worked on and officers are following a number of lines of inquiry.
Information received from the public has already led to the arrest of three men from the Strathclyde area last Saturday. Police recovered suspected stolen copper and metal. These men have in turn been reported to the Procurator Fiscal. The Force is encouraging anyone who sees any suspicious vehicles in the evening or late at night to come forward and call on 0845 600 5703, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
These anti-crime patrols are set to continue and should serve as a warning to criminals.Northern Constabulary also endorses the Farmwatch scheme, an organisation set up to advise farmers on how they can secure their premises and farm equipment. In a bid to find and recover stolen equipment, Farmwatch's website has a "Stolen Items" page, where photographs or videos can be posted and viewed by the public.
You can also report any emergency thefts or break-ins to Farmwatch on 01553 670671 or 01603 758158.