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16-Jun-11, 18:50
Community consultation a success say police

The response to a recent community consultation survey, which gave the public an opportunity to have a say in the future priorities for police and partner agencies, has been hailed a success.
The survey is now closed and the Force received 3031 returns in total, which equates to 31.3% return rate. This is an excellent level of return considering many public surveys have a return rate of less than 20%.
Research Resource are now working on the initial findings and this will be presented to the Force and its partner agencies very soon.
The community consultation survey was sent out to over nine thousand households across the Highlands and Islands.
Together with the Force's criminal justice partners, the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and the Scottish Court Service, Northern Constabulary is responsible for keeping the public safe and making the justice system work for the benefit of the communities we serve. In order to achieve this it helps to have a thorough understanding of the perceptions of our communities, both in respect to community safety issues and the service we provide.
Northern Constabulary Policy Officer, Shane Spence, said: "We are very pleased with the return rate, which is higher than we see for other public surveys.
"The survey provides us with valuable insight into the current concerns and the priorities of our local communities. Together with the many other ways in which we consult and engage with communities, it is very important contribution to help us to develop and improve the services that we provide."
He added: "The last survey in 2009 indicated that alcohol related crime, antisocial behaviour, drugs and speeding were the main concerns for our communities. As a result, a number of significant activities have been under taken to reduce the impact that these issues have on our communities.
"These include specific Operations such as Operation Roundup to counter under age drinking, Operations Respect and Notebook to counter antisocial behaviour and Operation Route to target speeding in villages."
The introduction of Alcohol Consumption Byelaws and the community work undertaken, by offenders, through Fiscal Work Orders has also helped to address the issues raised.