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15-Jun-11, 16:03
We have recently opened an ironmongers shop at 20 Bridge Street Wick.

I have always been fascinated by older buildings and there history, so I would be keen to hear of any stories relating to the previous occupants of these premises, IE Victoria Wines, Mowet’s the draper, and Robertson 20 Man Shop.

Whist I have been cleaning and tidying the cellar, (which has been blocked off for about fifteen years) I have found more evidence of the Robertson history and James Bain the barber than I have of Mowet’s or Victoria Wines.

I have had a few people in that worked at the premises in different periods and had some interesting conversations about times gone by, but if anyone has any more history or even photos, I would be delighted to see them.

15-Jun-11, 17:38
I could show you a Jimmy Bain haircut, but it's a bit grown out now.

15-Jun-11, 17:55