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14-Jun-11, 16:52
"We haven't been paid" say Wick Haldanes staff

EIGHTEEN staff at a Haldanes Wick supermarket claim they have not been paid for two weeks, according to the BBC.
The shop is among the chain's Scottish stores closing on Tuesday after the company went into administration.
It was understood four stores out of the 13 stores in Scotland would be sold off and the remainder closed.
Haldanes said they did not have anyone available to comment on the situation in Wick, or Tuesday's closures.
Wick store manager Jennifer Oliphant said the company had struggled to meet wage bills and deliveries of produce.
Haldanes was launched less than two years ago and was the first new supermarket chain in the UK for 27 years.
Haldanes bought most of its stores from the Co-operative group, which was forced to sell some shops by the Office of Fair Trading following its acquisition of Somerfield. A later report, however, stated that the Wick employees would be paid within a week.
Noel Donaldson writes: "A spokesman for Tesco said today they had 'no comment' to make when asked if they would be interested in taking over the Wick store."