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14-Jun-11, 15:02
Birthday not all happy for host

THERE was some doubt about whether teenager Cassie Swanson had been invited to a birthday party in Thurso’s Sinclair St.
It led to an altercation, Wick Justice of the Peace Court heard today and resulted in Swanson slapping the host, Mark McGee. That wasn’t the end of the matter, for she left and complained to her brother, Glenn, that she had been “badly treated”.
He went round to the house to get to the bottom of the incident and grabbed Mr McGee by the throat.
Glenn Swanson (24) of Alemoore Crescent, Edinburgh, and 18-year-old Cassie Swanson who lives in Castlegreen Road, Thurso, admitted charges of assault, at a house in Sinclair Street, Thurso, on January 22. She had sentence deferred for six months to demonstrate she could behave, and her brother, who has a record, was fined 100.

No seatbelt

SUTHERLAND man John Brackenberry (68) was fined 70 for not wearing a seatbelt. The accused, of Brawl, by Strathy, admitted the offence which occurred in Ormlie Road, Thurso, on February 24.

Couldn’t produce documents

FAILING to produce her driving licence and MOT certificate cost and having a vehicle with a defective tyre, cost Katrina Williams fines totalling 300.
The offences occurred in Smith Terrace, Thurso, on March 25. Williams (35) of Holborn Avenue, Thurso, pleaded guilty and, in addition to the fine, had three penalty points.

Tyres were bald

POLICE, who got a tip-off about a car with four bald tyres, traced the offending owner on Scrabster brae, on April 21.
Peter Shearer (43) admitted the offence and not having an MOT certificate and a previous record.
The accused, of Durness Street, Thurso, was fined a total of 470 and also incurred three penalty points.

Fined and points added

A WICK learner driver, who drove without supervision and insurance was fined 300 and had seven penalty points added to his licence.
He was John Stewart (29) of Leith Walk, Wick, who pleaded guilty. The offences came to light in that street, on April 28.
It was stated that he had had a qualified driver with him, but had dropped him off shortly before being stopped by the police.

Broke windows

Ashley Watson broke four windows in a house in Anderson Drive, Wick but intends paying for the damage, the court was told.
It was stated that Watson (17) of Huntly Court, Inverness, caused the vandalism while on a visit north, after hearing rumours about his sister’s ex-boyfriend. Sentence was deferred for six months to allow him to clear the repair bill of over 800 and demonstrate he can behave himself.