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14-Jun-11, 09:06
Don't you be gull-ed by
those hungry scorries

DON’T feed the scorries...(Wick Academy players exempt)
That’s the plea from Highland Council which is reminding members of the public not to feed seagulls as it re-launches its campaign to raise awareness of the problem of the
birds nesting in Highland urban areas.
A guidance leaflet on seagull control is available on Highland Council website at: www.highland.gov.uk/seagullcontrol (http://www.highland.gov.uk/seagullcontrol.htm) and from council service points, libraries and transport environmental and community services offices.
While the council has no statutory duty to take action against gulls, it recognises the misery that gulls cause members of the public throughout the nesting season. In particular, the council is seeking the co-operation of the public in eradicating the food sources which attract gulls by discouraging people from feeding gulls at home and in parks and other open spaces. Businesses are asked to ensure that litter and other food waste is properly stored in closed bins.
Councillor John Laing, Chairman of The Highland Council’s TEC Services Committee, said: “There is no easy answer to dealing with the gull problem. However, the situation could be made a whole lot better by taking up some of the suggested measures contained in the leaflet and by eliminating food sources for gulls. They are very opportunistic scavengers and will take advantage of any food scraps that we humans leave lying around from take-aways or overflowing bins.”
He added: “What is worse, is the deliberate feeding of gulls by people throwing food to them in the street or feeding them in their gardens. I would like to thank the many people who already act responsibly but now encourage others to follow by not feeding gulls.”
The guidance leaflet provides information and advice on gulls and the law; problems caused by gulls, the controlling of gulls, deterrent measures and education about gulls. The leaflet also explains that only licensed contractors with specialist skill and experience are legally allowed to kill certain species of gulls and what homeowners and businesses can do to prevent gulls nesting on their properties. Examples are given of the different types of deterrent measures that can be taken to try to prevent gulls from nesting.
The campaign to raise awareness of the problem of seagulls nesting in urban areas in the Highlands was first introduced in the Highlands in May 2010 by Highland Council.

PAY ATTENTION! there-no talking at the back. Aye, div ye mind...
Schooldays hold a host of special memories for all of us and the former pupils of Lybster Junior Secondary School are not exception. Moves are being made to take the first year class of 1962 back to the village for a nostalgic meander down memory lane.
The provisional reunion plan includes a buffet at the community centre, followed by a disco, on September 3. There will also be a raffle, the proceeds going to the Tumaini Home of Hope in Kenya. Naturally, no function can proceed unless there is a reasonable response in numbers so please get back to the undernoted, as soon as possible. The org is global, so you former pupils, abroad, or south, do your homework and see if you can’t arrange to make it home for what promises to be a really nostalgic affair.
See too, if you can come up with some memorabilia, particularly photos. Back in the sixties, a south photographer went round all the school snapping the images that we treasure now. I hope that some of them have survived. I remember when our ‘gang’ held their reunion in Mackays Hotel, some years back, and guess what we had as one of the raffle prizes.. a genuine Lochgelly belt that had clearly seen service in one school or another.
Right, here are the contacts for the ‘do’; Ian Orbell on 07840 779 or Jenny Cormack on 01955 604951. Jenny can also be reached through her e-mail jenny cormack715@btinternet.com