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13-Jun-11, 18:24
Bush quits a community council he claims is “a corruption of democracy"”

CONTROVERSIAL community councillor Laurel Bush has resigned from the Royal Burgh of Wick Community Council.
He tendered his resignation in a dramatic, single sentence e-mail to chairwoman Coreen Campbell., today, washing his hands of council affairs and urging others to do likewise.
His parting shot:“Please note that my perception of the council as a corruption of democracy is now such, that I want no further association with it, as a member, candidate for election, or voter, and urge others to take the same boycotting stance.”.
Mr Bush had been at loggerheads with members, off and on, since joining the council last year, with a steady stream of queries, and criticism of the manner in which it was run. He went so far as to make an unsuccessful motion at the December sitting, that the meeting was “incompetent” and “invalid”.
Matters boiled to a head at the March meeting when there was some frank exchanges. Mr Bush had circulated a paper questioned the council’s sub group and their constitutions and actions.
Mrs Campbell suggested that the best solution would be, for Mr Bush to become a member of all the groups and declared: “All you have done since you came onto this council is to criticise it. Are you going to come on the groups, yes or no,... instead of criticising and giving us headaches and all this c**p.”
Mrs Campbell added that she was at a loss to know why Mr Buh had become a community councillor.
Mr Bush replied that he wanted the council to spend more time providing information to the public and enable it to make informed decisions and added: “That depends on being transparent.”
Councillor Wendy Campbell indicated that she had had enough, and made her way out of the chamber indicated that she would not be coming back. (She subsequently changed her mind and rejoined the council) .
One member predicted that it would not be the last resignation and chairwoman Campbell warned Mr Bush that she was not going to allow him to “ruin a good community council”.
However, there was more controversy, at the May meeting, after Mr Bush had to apologise to Chairwoman Campbell for misrepresenting her views to a member of the public.
Mrs Campbell replied to Mr Bush’s e-mail, today noting his comments and accepting his resignation on behalf of the community council which is currently on summer break.