View Full Version : Birthday Greetings "Moonboots"

12-Jun-11, 21:05
Hope you have a lovely birthday.

Best wishes from your neighbours.

13-Jun-11, 12:20
Thanx Poppett... not much of a good day tho. rubbish weather and sore back lol

13-Jun-11, 18:02
Hope your back is better soon............there`s fencing to go up!

Take care and get your OH to give you gentle hugs.

08-Aug-11, 23:39
Can you help me with the following.
How to set up a motorised satellite dish.
Set on Astra at the moment (works fine but static.
No point in having a motorised dish that I can not move.
Dish is installed but just needs to be set to track the arc correctly.
Ring me on 01847 891102 Thurso
Please respond thanks