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12-Jun-11, 18:22
Well behaved but drink and drugs in evidence

AS revellers enjoy the last day of RockNess 2011, Northern Constabulary and Scottish Ambulance Service are reporting low numbers of reported crime and medical incidents comparative with previous years.
The three day festival has enjoyed low numbers of reported crime but an increase in positive drugs searches.
Event Commander Superintendent Stevie MacKay said: "Festival goers have been very well behaved which is reflected by the low numbers of crime reported to us so far. We feel this reflects the good atmosphere at the event and the fact that the vast majority are here to enjoy themselves."
He added: "We've had around 180 positive drugs searches since the event began on Friday, mostly for possession quantities, with the majority of the drugs being cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis."
Medical Commander for the event, Iain MacKay of the Scottish Ambulance Service spoke of the medical incidents that have been prevalent at RockNess 2011: "It's been a good event for us so far. We've had a reduced number of medical incidents and injuries in comparison with previous years.
He added:"Excessive alcohol consumption continues to be a major part of our workload over the weekend. We've had a total of eight people that have been taken onwards to Raigmore Hospital for treatment, most of which have been injury related. We hope this lower number will continue of medical incidents will continue for the remainder of the weekend."
With the event drawing to a close tonight, the police wished to reiterate travel advice for those driving home tonight or tomorrow.
Superintendent Stevie MacKay again: "I want to remind those driving home from the event that we will be targeting drivers leaving so I want to reiterate that no one should drive until they're able to. We really don't want anyone to ruin a great weekend by risking their own and others safety, so don't risk it."