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12-Jun-11, 10:14
Waved shirt in domestic incident

A JEALOUS Thurso man believed his girlfriend was seeing someone else and challenged her about it after when they returned home after separate nights out, Wick Sheriff Court was told on Friday.
Alan Chambers (26) demanded Hannah Wares’mobile phone and threw it on the floor. He lost his temper, shouted and swore, punched the walls, removed his shirt and began to wave it about. A neighbour heard the commotion and phoned the police, fiscal Alasdair Macdonald stated.
Chambers, of Pennyland Place, Thurso, admitted threatening or abusive behaviour, on April 24, and had a 60-hour community payback order imposed.
The court was told that Ms Wares had since indicated that she wanted to resume the relationship.

Fined for bad behaviour

BEHAVIOUR described by the sheriff as “wholly inappropriate” resulted in a fine of 150 being imposed on Eric Pickup.
The 64-year-old accused, who lives in Kennedy Terrace, previously admitted entering a house, there, uninvited, on February 8, and shouting and swearing.

Prison the only sentence

A YOUNG man described as having a “Jekyll and Hyde”personality where drink was concerned, reached the end of the line in terms of chances he had been given.
Adam Hope (21) who twice breached a probation order imposed for an assault in October, was sentenced to six months detention. The breach occurred a week after he had been put on probation for another assault.
The Jekyll and Hide comparison was drawn by solicitor Neil Wilson who said that when he was sober, Hope, of Castlehill Croft, Dunbeath, was “entirely genuine”.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told him: “You have had more than one opportunity to comply with this order. At one stage you said you couldn’t be bothered. Everyone has tried to help you. A custodial sentence, is the only appropriate one.”

Firearms breach

A MAN who breached his firearms licence was fined 300.
Thomas Anderson (56) of Burnbraes, Hilliclay, Weydale, admitted the charge. His certificate entitled him to 1,200 rounds of .22 ammunition but police who searched his home on December 1, last year, discovered he had 1,505 rounds.