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The Pepsi Challenge
19-Sep-06, 10:13
Just to get the ball rolling again...

Here's Dr Feelgood on The Old Grey Whistle Test. Franz Ferdinand anyone?


There's no doubting Wilko Johnson is the Ian Curtis of guitar playing.

20-Sep-06, 19:12
Dr Feelgood were a class act (are they still around), Stupidity was a great live album. That must have been a years or two before your time Pepsi, more my era that!!

The Old Grey Whistle Test - I am guilty of turning on the visualizer on itunes to mimic TOGWT :)

The Pepsi Challenge
20-Sep-06, 23:47
Have always had a soft spot for Dr. Feelgood and bands of their ilk, scotsboy: Nine Below Zero, J. Giels Band, Blues 'N' Trouble etc. Jug blues I'm sure they were labelled, whatever that means.

The Pepsi Challenge
21-Sep-06, 00:11
Speed country at its best. I give you, Jerry Donahue.


I wonder if Northern Nasville could get him up to Caithness?