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12-Jun-11, 08:28
Does anyone know who makes garden sheds locally (Wick/Thurso)? Alternatively, is there anywhere locally that sells garden sheds? I know that you can get them from homebase or Argos but I would prefer to see the quality of the shed if possible, although if anyone has bought a shed from either of these shops and can recommend it then that would be good.

Thx, Jenni

12-Jun-11, 09:29
I can highly recommend Alex Mackay http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/business.php?id=1049

13-Jun-11, 00:20
i bought a shed form allans of gillock (in watten) excellent quality and delivered next day for free :)
bit pricer than homebase/argos but not going to blow away first gale lol

13-Jun-11, 21:19
Thanks for that, will take a look to Allans of Gillock at weekend.