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06-Jun-11, 22:01
Hi, was wondering if the orgers know of someone up here who does upholstery? I've tried Attic Upholstery and also Dereck Lamb, who unfortunately dosent do it anymore. Any names/numbers would be appreciated, thanks.

Beat Bug
06-Jun-11, 23:44
Have you tried Sharp Abrasives in Latheron? They've re-upholstered a few items for us. (Don't be put off by the name!)

07-Jun-11, 05:19
There's an upholsterer down on the south quay next to simpsons, does all types of upholstery etc.

07-Jun-11, 11:03
Thanks for the replys, going to try Philip down on the south quay.

20-Jun-11, 22:06
Have you got a phone number for him?

21-Jun-11, 22:23
He is guidinglight who has posted above, hope this helps.

08-Jul-11, 22:16
Old Schoolhouse at Latheron (who might be Sharps?) did a chair for a pal- and its lovely