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06-Jun-11, 15:55
Early hours chat led to assault

A TEENAGER committed an assault in a Thurso street, Wick Sheriff Court heard today.
Ryan McLeod (19) admitted the offence which occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning. It was stated that, initially, the accused and John Sinclair were chatting to each other, in Princes Street, Thurso, on June 4, last year.
However, matters developed, with McLeod claiming that Mr Sinclair was “winding him up” and the latter maintaining he had simply been sympathising with the accused on a recent family bereavement.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said that the lines of communication were perhaps blurred, as drink had played a significant part in the episode. However, it was clear that McLeod, of Ravensview, Weydale, had lashed out at Mr Sinclair causing him to fall to the ground.
When interviewed by the police, the accused stated that he thought Mr Sinclair was about to strike him, but onlookers informed officers that Mr Sinclair was turning to leave, when the assault occurred.
Sheriff Andrew Berry, who called for reports, observed that McLeod still had to be sentence for an “an extremely unpleasant” breach of the peace and racially-aggravated behaviour towards a policewoman, in November, last year, warned him that he must focus seriously on behaving in the meantime.
McLeod is subject to a curfew until he returns to court on June 24.

Costly drugs

A THURSO man was fined £200 after he admitted having been in possession of a Class C drug.
Glenn Swanson, formerly of Castlegreen Road, Thurso, was found with a large quantity of diazepam tablets at a house in the town’s Brownhill Road, on July 15, last year. The pills were for his own use, it was stated.
Swanson (24) who appeared from custody , was fined £200 . He was said to have been drug free for sometime and living in Edinburgh.

Gun cabinet insecure

POLICE, who searched Kevin Grant’s home at No 2 Holding, Lochend Barrock, discovered a free-standing gun cabinet which should have been secured to a wall, and that he had infringed an ammunition regulation.
Grant (46) pleaded guilty to the two offences and was fined £300. He had 61 rounds of.243 ammunition, one round above the legal limit.