View Full Version : A Big Thank You!!!!

29-Oct-04, 14:58
Thanks soooo incredibly much to everyone who replied to my posting. I knew there were Americans living there, just didn't realize what a variety there was. I am coming over there to visit my pen-pal, but, not for a lil while yet. I'm probably coming in March or April, but, thank you for the kind words and reassurance that I'll fit right in. It's going to be soooo great when I come over there, especially when I get to meet Steven(my pen-pal and very good friend)!!!! So, whereabouts does everyone else come from in Caithness? Hope to hear from you all again soon and once again, thank you!!!!!! Meagan :D

Mr P Cannop
29-Oct-04, 15:04
Thurso, Caithness

29-Oct-04, 15:16
We've got friends in Kentucky & Family in Utah and San francisco but, were not American, just golach's from the north, Thurso. :D
(apologies for using your name there Golach) ;) ;)

29-Oct-04, 15:23
I sent a message to you about Steven. Hope you'll get it soon and give a reply. That would be sound!!! :o) Meagan

30-Oct-04, 15:40
Hiya , I am Ashleigh(16) and I am from Wick Caithness. :D

30-Oct-04, 15:54
Hi, Ashleigh!!!! I'm Meagan and I'm from Warren, Ohio, U.S.A. Nice to meet you!!! Thanks for posting something on here, I appreciate it!!!!! I have a pen-pal from Wick and his name is Steven, although I consider him a very good friend of mine, not just a pen-pal!!! Nice to hear from someone else there, too!!!! Hope to hear from you again!!!! :D