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04-Jun-11, 07:57
Force backs anti-violence campaign

NORTHERN CONSTABULARY is taking part in a nationwide campaign to crackdown on alcohol related violence and weapons related violence which runs from the beginning of this month until 31 July 2011.
The campaign, which being co-ordinated by the national Violence Reduction Unit, will see increased numbers of police officers focusing on tackling these types of problem as and when they occur and engaging widely with a range of agencies in order to raise awareness and develop preventative initiatives.
The aims of this phase are to reduce incidences of weapons carrying (relatively low in the Highlands and Islands), reduce harmful alcohol consumption and the availability of alcohol to youngsters .
Locally, police will be carrying out checks at licensed premises, carrying out test purchasing operations and using their stop and search powers for weapons when necessary .
Divisions will also be carrying out specific operations to target these types of offences.
Violence within public spaces can be fuelled by a variety of factors, however, the overriding factor within Northern Constabulary force area is undoubtedly alcohol.
Weapon related violence is generally low across the Highlands and Islands, however, that does not mean the Force is complacent in this regard and will deal robustly (pro-actively and reactively) with anyone found carrying any weapon in this area.
The Force also has access to equipment which can detect weapons at the entrances to licensed premises. These will be used in co-operation with licencees at pubs and clubs across the Force to reassure patrons that their social environment is as safe as possible.
Divisions will also link in with partner agencies and make positive use of the "Best Bar None" and "Pubwatch" schemes to further enhance safety in town and city centres.
Inspector David Ogilvie, Violence Reduction Unit co-ordinator for Northern Constabulary, said: "Northern Constabulary is one of the safest places to live in the U.K. This is as a result of communities and partner agencies working with us.
"Whilst our Force experiences a relatively low number of weapon related crimes to the U.K. as a whole, the effects of any assault with a weapon can have devestating effects on victims and families and we will continue to do our best to safeguard our communities from such occurences. This campaign can only reinforce the good work already being done in our communities to tackle crime."