View Full Version : Stormproof Facias

02-Jun-11, 15:04
Anyone had any work done by them? White van.....

snow tiger
02-Jun-11, 17:13
I had a bloke at my door about 3- 4 wks ago asking about doing my facias in plastic i let the guy go on about it and told him after he was pointing at my facias on several occasions that they have already been done in plastic he was adament they were not plastic, until he looked again and i said im not interested as all ready done !

02-Jun-11, 20:05
Had a chap over here in Stornoway a few months ago - advised trading standards as they like to know who are operating on the islands.
The chap was from Inverness (or so he said) and he kept coming back to the house, price was double local price and he kept showing me a plastic covered headed nail/screw used in plastic outside work. His phone no contact was a mobile only?
He had trouble understanding the words - Not Interested.
Definitely would not touch them with a very long barge pole.