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01-Jun-11, 20:08

I just wanted to let everyone know of the fantastic service I have received from Viking Motors.

Not only were the prices fantastic but Michael was so pleasant and took time to speak rather than grunt and take the keys off of me which is commonplace in other establishments.

Not only did he take the car in at short notice on a couple of occasions, he also went out of his way to give the Mrs. a lift to her work at 8am on a Saturday morning.

So we saved over 90% on a quote from another garage and saved 4 on a taxi to work, AMAZING OUTSTANDING service.



01-Jun-11, 23:48
I'll second that, can't get better prices AND better service anywhere I know of. Michael even offered to come out when my car refused to start one Friday night at 7pm !
All my vehicles go to Michael and Paula these days, that includes motor bike, quad, large van and two cars.
Very honest service and very good communication. If you want to get ripped off you need to go somewhere else ;-)

02-Jun-11, 09:41
And i will third that they do a brilliant service and are both lovely people you could not get better.

02-Jun-11, 13:23
Just started going to Viking and can only agree with the postings. Michael & Paula are great, they will help you in anyway. Also importantly they do the job you ask them to do, well at a price that won't shock.
Just had one car serviced there and so pleased just book our other car in for a service.

02-Jun-11, 13:42
Yes me too. We had bad problems on our truck but they fixed all and very good price ;)