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28-Oct-04, 11:05
After reading all yon metal bands stuff whats the best monsters of rock (Donington) festival that everybodies been at.

No that Download nonsense thats modern rubbish for tots and Primary skool bairns

Best band I have seen was Skidrow in 92 they kicked the place to bits

Though 1984 would have been good with Van Hielan playing and 87 would have been good too with Anthrax and Metallica on it

28-Oct-04, 11:43
Van Hielan? Aren't they a Glasgow based tribute band? Who have just split up as it happens!!!

29-Oct-04, 11:51
Yep I Reckon those are the greatest 2 years '87 & '84.
'82 was definately the weakest year quo,gillan ,hawkwind, uriah heep wot a load o ruibbish!!

29-Oct-04, 15:21
I've been to two, though can't remember the years (mid-late 90's I think). The first time Aerosmith headlined (who I can't stand) and the year after that Metallica headlined and were absolutely fantastic.

29-Oct-04, 22:16
Ive only ever been to download twice! I usally go to Reading festival!