View Full Version : marine fish tank

31-May-11, 02:08
i have just got a new tropical tank
and in a the very long feture id like to have a marine tank
does any1 have 1 how hard are they 2 keep? any info would be goood
many thanks x:):):)

essex boy
31-May-11, 20:54
I had a couple of tanks years ago. One was great, never lost a fish. The other a complete disaster! Both had an under gravel and power filter and two glowlux and blue light. And water checks were perfect on both, so it seems to be 'luck of the draw'! One thing, don't over stock, it seems that one to many and the whole thing goes belly up.

31-May-11, 22:12
Don't got for an undergravel filter (or gravel at all). The best method is to use live rock as your filter and just have a canister filter to remove any debris.

I actually have one for sale at the mo ;)