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30-May-11, 16:14
90% Leader funding available for partnership projects

FOR a limited time only, the Highland Leader Programme is offering higher rates of funding for joint projects between Leader-supported groups within the UK and beyond.
The 345,000 available under the Leader Action 2 initiative can offer up to 90% of funding for international projects and up to 75% for UK joint projects.
Cooperation is a key theme under the Highland Leader Programme, encouraging community groups/partnerships to undertake joint projects with other Leader groups within the UK or internationally. All Action 2 projects must involve joint activity with an identified partner and deliver shared outcomes and community benefits for both areas. All projects must be completed within two years of approval.
Action 2 Cooperation projects must fit with some of the strategic priorities set by the Highland Leader Programme:
Development planning and community capacity building
Culture & Heritage
Training & Learning Opportunities
Access to Facilities & Services
Land, Environment & Access to Countryside
Social enterprise & micro businesses
The Highland Leader Programme is an EU and Scottish Government-funded programme which aims to deliver sustainable economic development within rural areas whilst providing an opportunity for communities to pilot new/different ideas.
If you have an Action 2 project idea, please contact Fiona Daschofsky on 01463 702163 or e-mail fiona.daschofsky@highland.gov.uk (fiona.daschofsky@highland.gov.uk). Alternatively please download and complete an enquiry form from http://www.highlandleader.com/funding (http://www.highlandleader.com/funding)