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15-Sep-06, 22:33
Was out Westerdale way earlier in the week and was watching a male hen harrier hunting but unfortunately he disappeared behind a ridge.After waiting for a few minutes I decided to swing the bins around and scan the area.
Sitting on a very sturdy fence post I noticed a very large bird with something in it's talons on which it appeared to be feeding.The size made me call Ken and get him to verify what I was looking at.His comment was "H... that's big."
We continued to watch for some 10 minutes or more but unfortunately the bird was silhouetted against the light so just appeared dark brown with possibly some sort of lighter tail feathers.Could not see ant signs of jesses so would presume it to be wild.
Seemed much too large to be the female harrier and unless you have a super race of buzzards which I have never noticed before then this was something very unusual.
If I had been in a different location the word eagle would have sprung to mind.
Any one got any thoughts?

15-Sep-06, 23:23
Lots of Buzzards around Caithness nowadays. Never used to see them it my youth - that was a long time ago.

17-Sep-06, 21:54
Yes have noticed over the years the increase in buzzards in the county and they seem almost 2 a penny in Sutherland. I was brought up in a county where they were quite common,had a pair that nested in a pine tree at the bottom of the garden.
Being bad, we used to tell the tourists that they were "Cornish Vultures" that raised a few eyebrows and a few worried looks!