View Full Version : which harbour has lots of steps down to it

15-Sep-06, 20:39
is it only walligoe up there that has lots of steps to it or is there another harbour on the east coast

15-Sep-06, 21:01
It's whaligoe.;)

15-Sep-06, 21:03
I don't think there is anymore with as many steps but Auckengill has quite a few and Keiss has a couple o flights but you could just use the road.:)

15-Sep-06, 21:07
There is another one further south down the coast. My understanding there were many such areas to bring in fish all along the coast.

15-Sep-06, 21:52
There is an old Harbour just South of Whaligoe, in fact its the next geo along.
It's marked on the map has Wester Whale.
It was constructed about the same time as Whaligoe but instead of stone steps they built wooden steps down the cliff face.
I was told by Dave Nicolson at Whaligoe that some parts of the steps are still in place but are now rotten and brittle.
I've never visited the place because there is no obvious access.
But i'm sure someone on the Org has more info and perhaps a pic or two.

Bill Fernie
16-Sep-06, 09:51
I was told about this harbour south of Whaligoe a few years ago bt have resited visiting and placing photos on the site as I understand it is potentially very dangersous these days and for th last few years. I was told afew years ago that the steps left are apparently not reliable and should not be depended on and there is fair bit of clambering on steep slopes required to get down.

I would be interested to know if there is a safe way down and where it starts from. As ever on the steep cliffs and slopes on the coast everyone needs to be extremely careful and it sounds as if this place is not recommended for children or dogs.

Has any been there recently and got a photo or two?

17-Sep-06, 19:49
Next Haven South of Whaligoe.
It used to have wooden steps going down in to the geo.
These have gone completely.
I think i found the place they were located, as this seems the only reasonable way down.
Access was with kind permission of Rose and her relative who own the land.
The access was through the next property South of the turning into the Whaligoe steps.

This picture shows a reasonable way down

17-Sep-06, 19:52
Wow impressive looking and rather steep. I think I would want a rope to go down there :D

17-Sep-06, 19:59
Excellent photos Seabird.

The rope is all yours, NFJB - my sense of adventure deserted me just looking at the photos :eek:

17-Sep-06, 20:02
This is the next place going South which has steps going down.
This one is situated across from the Bruan Church.
This place requires crossing several fences, a walk along the South side of a deep Geo, follow then heading South along the cliff top following an old wall until you come to a rocky area and the access to the steps are right in front of you.
I doubt you will see them until you pass them and look back.
Looking Back

Close up showing steps.
It is several Hundred feet to the water, not for the feint hearted

17-Sep-06, 20:14
Wow Seabird looks like a long way down.Impressive photo.s.:)

Bill Fernie
17-Sep-06, 21:06
Thanks Seabird
Can I have your permission to transfer these into the A - Z section of the web site.

18-Sep-06, 00:02
Thanks Seabird
Can I have your permission to transfer these into the A - Z section of the web site.

Yes Bill permission granted.


Bill Fernie
18-Sep-06, 10:01
Will add them to the A - Z as soon as I get few spare minutes


18-Sep-06, 10:12
Brilliant pics Seabird :cool:
Afraid i have'nt got much of a head for heights, makes me feel dizzy even looking at the photos :eek:

18-Sep-06, 12:53
What magnificent photos, Seabird! Thanks for them, and for the very interesting information.

19-Sep-06, 00:01
Top of steps looking into the Haven.
A friend of mine informed me that he had been down the steps into the Haven.
My reply to that was "does your wife have your insurance payments up to date ?"


19-Sep-06, 01:27
That brings back memories was a coule of years ago that I scrambled down there.
Many thanks for the wonderful pics Seabird.

19-Sep-06, 02:34
Wow!! seabird your pics. are absolutely amazing. loved them all and wish I was there looking down (not attempting to climb down). It looks pretty steep and whoever made them all those years ago must have suffered backache!
Nice weather you seem to be having there just now which helps with the breathtaking scenery. Thanks.