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27-Oct-04, 20:51
Can anyone recommend a good hoover for me. I have already had 2 Dysons, both only lasted about 2 years and i grudge paying over £200 for another new one. I bought a cheap one from the Co-op about 6 months ago but it is useless. I don't mind paying a fair bit for a decent hoover that is going to last. I prefer the upright models preferably bagless. :roll:

28-Oct-04, 04:09
I hear lots of people have problems with Dyson vacum cleaners breaking down, though ours hasn't in the years we've had it.

I hear that Electrolux bagless vacum cleaners are much more reliable than Dyson. My source seems to be trust-worthy, too. lol

28-Oct-04, 07:08
I had a dyson and thought it was rubbish aswell, and i bought another bagless hoover and that was rubbish

So in the end i bought a vax

It is brilliant and still is so i recommend a vax

Plus u can wash your carpets and it does an alright job

29-Oct-04, 02:06
I've had an Electrolux bagless upright hoover for about 3 years and its still as good as new. I have a dog at home and I'm well impressed with the performance of the hoover.
I'd buy one again if it ever breaks down !! It only cost me about £130 too!!

29-Oct-04, 18:13
We have a newish Electrolux and it's great. I actually enjoy using it. It's not heavy and noisy like the German monster it replaced, and bits don't fall off or break off as they did with the old Dyson that the German thing had replaced previously. By the time I dumped the Dyson it was more superglue and duct tape than Dyson plastic.

The Electrolux looks just like a Dyson, and it was pretty cheap too.

29-Oct-04, 19:12
I often see Miele being mentioned online as a better alternative to Dyson.

I used to recommend Dyson but our Animal has needed a new filter and a new hose in its 18 month life so far. In between times it has been brilliant but for the money it shouldn't have needed any bits. On the plus side Dyson's Customer Care was very good sending the parts out without question. However if I'd known then what I know now I would have gone for the Miele pet hair one instead.

29-Oct-04, 23:41
i just bought a Dyson - sigh - i am always behind the times - I like it though and it seems like any vacuum cleaner i buy never seems to last more than a couple of years.I remember my mum had one of those old hoovers with the bag that inflated for years and years and yet, electrolux, panasonic, hoover, miele, I have had them all and none of them seem to survive and i always end up with a broken hoover just when the dog is moulting, my mother is coming to stay in two days, i have a dinner party that night and i just knocked the sugar over the floor.


30-Oct-04, 09:18
Thanks for your opinions everybody. I have had a good look round the shops in Wick & Thurso but they all want to sell me a dyson.

Im off to the big city tomorrow so i'll trudge round the electrical shops to see what they have.

Will let you know what i buy when i get back. :o)

10-Nov-04, 16:47
Hi all

Just thought i'd update everyone. I have just bought the new Bissell lift-off. I have only used it for a couple of days but i'm really pleased with it so far.

I bought it from the Hydro in Thurso as it was the same price there as the "special offer" in Comet in Inverness.

10-Nov-04, 17:16
I'm not sure about which make is best etc, but if you have a look on either www.qed-uk.com or www.dabs.com they both have high street hoovers for a lot less than the shop prices. And i think qed-uk is free delivery on all orders over £100. I had a wee peek and there are a few upright bagless hoovers there.

Happy hoover hunting.

Thomas Farmer
10-Nov-04, 18:46
Like you all I have spent a fortune on hoovers and the worst one to be Dyson. I was talked into getting another one and it mainly sits in the cupboard. The best thing I ever did was get laminated flooring. Sweeping brush - £6 :Razz

09-Mar-05, 00:44
had a dyson for a couple of years and if it goes wrong we phone the help line, they uplift it and return it serviced and repaired for £49 with warrantyand replace broken and worn out bits

30-Mar-05, 00:11
I believe Hoover are quite good.

31-Mar-05, 23:36
i bought a hoover hurricane a few years ago . its bagless and a fantastic machine ... will buy another if this one breaks down ........ also had a dyson ...... biggist wate of money ever

01-Apr-05, 19:26
Since I made my last post on this thread, our Dyson went kaput. It started giving people electric shocks and wasn't picking up the dog hairs well. The carpeted part of the kitchen gradually grew black with dog hairs.

We have just got a new Electrolux bagless. I can see the pattern on the kitchen carpet again - yay.

It does a far better job than the Dyson ever did.

04-May-05, 04:25
I have bought 2 Dysons - different versions: DC01 and DC04. Both are still running well and certainly give an excellent clean.

The DC01 - first one, stopped 'sucking' but having a Dyson engineer in to see to the washing machine, explained a couple of features that needed cleaining and after looking at this the cleaner worked fine.

My father had some hassle with his DC01 - treat them with lots of care...as a part of the narrow plastic facia on the base of his vac (near the brush) broke and it is expensive to have it replaced (ie the whole bit needs replacing).

Apart from this we have enjoyed having the cleaners and when you keep cats a good vac is essential!

I still have a very antiquated Electrolux vac from the 80's that still works. This was the first upright model that came with on-board tools. It is a good 20 years old and still works. It doesn't have as good suction as the Dysons but as it still works and it is a bit dated - who am I to complain???????????? :p

09-Jun-05, 19:44
I often see Miele being mentioned online as a better alternative to Dyson.

I used to recommend Dyson but our Animal has needed a new filter and a new hose in its 18 month life so far. In between times it has been brilliant but for the money it shouldn't have needed any bits.

After the main hose went the small one under the base also went so it needed replaced too. Then a few days ago the thing went up in a puff of smoke. It's off to Dyson to get fixed. I'm afraid no amount of good customer care makes up for such poor reliability.