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27-May-11, 19:46
Where is the best place to take a four year old for lunch in Thurso on a Saturday?

27-May-11, 20:05
The Holborn Hotel is my recommendation, the food is good and there is a little play pen with toys.

27-May-11, 20:10
The holburn hotel has a bouncy castle and play area, much better than the central and the food is good too.

mum of three
28-May-11, 10:00
Best bet is probably the holborn. They have a bouncy castle on a saturday. Foods really good too and not too dear. Hope that helps.

08-Jun-11, 00:41
There is also the Weigh Inn, they do lunches from 12 - 4.30 on a Saturday (also have a kids menu). There is a kids play area out in the grounds.

08-Jun-11, 09:12
Are you sure its 4.30 on a Saturday because I was there a couple of weeks ago and meals finished at 2.00 pm

21-Jun-11, 01:34
Its normally till 4.30 on a Saturday and Sunday. Meals must have finished early the day you went for some reason or another.