View Full Version : Cream of oats soup

15-Sep-06, 16:57
2 tbsp medium oatmeal
1 oz butter
i med onion -chopped
2 pints chicken stock (or 1 chicken stock cube 2pts water)
2 rashers bacon
1 large cooking apple - peeled cored and roughly chopped
1 slice wholemeal bread
1 level teasp curry powder
approx half pint full cream milk or half and half milk
/ cream

Melt butter in large pan cook oatmeal and onion without browning,add the stock, chopped bacon,apple bread and curry powder.
cover and simmer gently for approx an hour.
sieve or liquidize soup adjust seasoning
return to pan stir in milk/ cream and reheat without boiling

10-Oct-06, 19:22
this sounds good, must give it a try