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27-May-11, 16:02
Praise for chest and heart support group

THE county’s Lord Lieutenant Anne Dunnett has praised the work done by Caithness Chest and Heart Support Group.
Miss Dunnett, who is the group’s patron, told its AGM, recently: “You are a small, but hard working group and you do great things.”
The Lord Lieutenant said that illness was “a terrible thing” and some of the group’s members had suffered, or knew someone who had. She added: “Anything we can do to alleviate pain and suffering can only be a great help.”
Miss Dunnett said that in the short time she had been associated with the group, she had
been impressed with what they were achieving, particularly its fundraising role for medical equipment in the county.
She said: “One thing I especially like, is that you don’t go shopping for the medical services...you ask them what they need.”
Miss Dunnett said she was “very proud” to be part of the group and hoped she might be able to devote some more time to it.
She added: “ I haven’t been able to come your meetings, all that often because of other commitments” and added, amid applause: “...like wedding and things” (a reference to her recent visit to London as a guest, at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton).
In his annual report, Chairman Ernie Ross reviewed the group’s past year and paid tribute to everyone who had contributed to its success. He had a special word for the support he had received from the office bearers and his committee, and the public, not least those who had complemented its fundraising events with personal donations.
Office bears re-elected were: Chairman Ernie Ross, Vice chairman, Noel Donaldson, Secretary Marge Donaldson, Treasurer Christine Scott, Minute secretary, Janette Sinclair; committee members, re-elected were, Joyce Macdonald, Janice Macgregor, Robert Bell, Joan Fraser and new member, Heather Martin.
Guest speaker was Caithness General Hospital, consultant physician, Dr Tim Shallcross who spoke about heart disease, developments in its treatment and advances in the technology.
His talk attracted a variety of questions from his audience.