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26-May-11, 16:23
I have a poster that I want printed. I know Rom-Art can do it but I wanted to know if there was any alternatives that I can compare their price to.

It is for a charity that I run for parents whose children have a serious bowel condition.
To find more www.hirschsprungs.info


26-May-11, 16:27
What size of a poster do you require?

26-May-11, 16:36
You could try macfarlane arts in watten 01955621778

Happy Guy
26-May-11, 16:45
what size and quantity do you want? Might be able to help at just a nominal charge. PM me

26-May-11, 17:51
Hello, my printer is at your disposal at cost (ink/paper)

PM if interested

26-May-11, 18:10
It is A4 size.
24", don't want that type of printing but want it printed properly but thanks for the offer

26-May-11, 18:50
Try Colin Stewart on - 0195560 2211 ... He's a total professional !

26-May-11, 22:33
thanks for the replies. I am sure I will find someone who can help.

It is also encouraging as someone has contacted me as they think their child may have the condition but not been diagnosed. As the poster calls it The Secret Disorders as so few people know of it.

27-May-11, 14:44
Caithness Print Solutions Tel 07733474677 and can advise you.