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25-May-11, 09:26
Watch out for diesel thieves

POLICE have urged commercial concerns, which operate lorries, to be vigilant and try to reduce the risk of falling victim to diesel thieves.
The move follows the recent raid at the Elder motor engineering base at Dunbeath, when some 100 gallons of the fuel were spirited away. It wasn’t the only victim in Caithness and the crime has spread to Sutherland.
The cost of diesel and the current economic situation is making the fuel an attractive proposition for the thieves who have been known to drill into lorry tanks after being initially thwarted by locks. The more isolated areas are increasingly becoming targets, offering less chance of detection,and private cars are not escaping.
Given their size and the number involved in transport business, keeping trucks under secure cover is not a feasible option but a Wick police spokesman says that trying to ensure that the areas where the vehicles are parked are well lit during peak periods for thieves, night-time.
He added that it was impossible for owners to operate a 24-hour watch but appealed to them to be on the alert. Anyone offered cheap fuel should contact their local police station, on 603551 for the Wick station, and 893222 for the Thurso force.