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15-Sep-06, 08:52
I'dlike to ask a favour of anyone on the Org who's been watching "Restoration" on BBC.

North Ronaldsay is through to the final and most of the population (literally! - 40 folk are travelling now) are headed down south for the live programme on Sunday. Winning this thing and renovating the Dennis Head Beacon will have the most enormous positive effect on the economy and viability of this very fragile community. The Beacon is historically important in its own right but adding in the economic benefits to a borderline community must make it the most effective use for the money that's raised.

You can see some of North Ron >>>here<<< (http://www.northronaldsay.com/)
and at the BBC website >>>here<<< (http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/programmes/restoration/2006/scotland_dennis_head_old_beacon_01.shtml)

Unless you have some particular reason to vote for one of the other finalists, can I ask you to pick up your phone any time from Friday until the end of the final and dial 09013 600504, registering a vote for North Ronaldsay. Calls cost 1; 77p of that goes back to the restoration fund.

When you look at the population densities south, a very low percentage of people voting will produce huge numbers. Up here, we need a high percentage of people voting to have a hope of competing. Imagine a small rural community in one of the furthest north parts of the UK winning against much more populous and wealthier places south......

Thank you.

15-Sep-06, 08:57
I voted for them the first time round. There are so many important reasons for them to win. I for one will certainly be voting again. Lets hope they do win.

15-Sep-06, 09:10
We voted for them and will do again

15-Sep-06, 09:48
I have never seen the programme but will watch on Sunday with an added interest and then decide whether to vote for anyone.
Dont forget though that location is no barrier to success as caithness.org proved a few years back when it won the best community site in Britain award.

15-Sep-06, 10:58
It sounds a very interesting programme, though I'm afraid I'm not going to have the time or opportunity to have a look at it, myself.

However, if I have a vote that is needed where it can do some good, then North Ronaldsay is certainly welcome to it, Jabberwock! I'll write myself a note to phone in tomorrow morning. :)