View Full Version : Thurso Viewfirth gig - A big thankyou.

25-Oct-04, 10:30
I'd just like to say a big thankyou to all involved in Saturday night's gig at the viewfirth.

The sound guys, the stewards, the scaffolders, the bar staff, Jim Laybor, everyone who turned up and especially the bands. All the bands played well and it seemed to be enjoyed by everyone there. We managed to raise over £300 for the macmillan nurses while at the same time proving that there is support for local music in Caithness.

We do hope to do another one in the future, the only question is where? Since there's the possibility we will be losing the viewfirth shortly does anyone have any suggestions where this kind of event could be held again.

Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed and turned up for their support, and we hope to see you again soon.


25-Oct-04, 13:18
Would there be no access available to you for the Thurso High School main hall?

At least you'd have a proper stage there... ah - wasn't thinking of the alcohol... tricky... I don't want too much blood getting into my alcohol system!

26-Oct-04, 02:26
im sure mr cardosi could be persuaded into organising a concert in skinandis if it meant that he sold a few drams. our band played the 'ard rock' concert there back in May with a half decent turnout.

27-Oct-04, 16:37
was about to say that too. he's got the facilities. the gear. the bar. you just need to arrange the bands and people

28-Oct-04, 11:04
Yeah, I have considered Skinandis. But it's awfully big for the number of people that are likely to turn up which would make the atmosphere a bit stale. It's certainly something we need to think about though. We got such a good response from 'E' Rock Concert, it'd be a shame not to do another one.
Keep the suggestions coming.


28-Oct-04, 21:33
You may get a few more people next time. I'm sure there were loads of people who really enjoyed themselves. I certainly did, anyway. Word of mouth - never underestimate its power. lol.

Seriously, I'll be persuading folks to go to the concert if there is another one. And I'm sure I won't be the only one.

29-Oct-04, 13:03
all you need to do is open the downstairs area of skinandi's. i'm sure there would be enough people there to make it look reasonably busy

29-Oct-04, 13:21
This is true. Do you have any idea how much Brian charges to hire Skinandis???

The only further problem is, one of the reasons 'E' Rock Concert was so succesful was that it was on a Saturday night, and I can't see Brian allowing us to hold such an event on a Saturday night.

30-Oct-04, 02:04
well, as far as i'm aware, i reckon he'd do it for free if the money was going towards charity like the last gig. he could do it like the Ard Rock gig that was on and start the bands early and then maybe have one on later on. there's no harm in asking. the worst he can say is no. could plan it for early next year.

30-Oct-04, 14:31
I heard a rumour that the Viewfirth will still be around for a whiley yet. Not sure if this is true, but hey... if you want you could always enquire.