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20-May-11, 09:48
New Highland schools are on
track for completion by 2012/13

THE new Wick High School is part of a £33 million spend on new school projects, agreed by Highland Council, this week.
The capital outlay was welcomed yesterday by members of Highland Council’s Education, Culture and Sport (ECS) Committee.
The unprecedented spending on seven major school building projects is underway or due for completion in either this financial year or during the first half of financial year 2012/13. These projects include:

· a new school at Milton of Leys Primary, Inverness, due to open in August;

· the replacement of Aviemore Primary School, including community facilities, which is under construction;

· replacement of Lochaline Primary School, incorporating a fire station, which is under construction;

· a new school at Conon Bridge to replace the existing Maryburgh and Conon Bridge Primary Schools, where work will begin within the next two months;

· a significant refurbishment of Aldourie Primary School, near Inverness, where work will begin within the next two months ;

· an extension to Plockton High School, which is under construction;

· a new pupil residence at Ullapool High School which is under construction.

Design work will also begin during 2011/12 on a number of new projects:

· a new school at Wick High with the final design scheduled to be completed by January 2012;

· a new school to replace the existing Fort William Primary School and Upper Achintore Primary School, Fort William;

· a new school to replace the existing Caol Primary School, Fort William RC Primary School and Lochyside RC Primary School;

· an extension to Kingussie High School;

· the third phase of the refurbishment of Lochaber High School;

· additional accommodation at Holm and Lochardil Primary Schools in Inverness.

Welcoming the progress in the Education, Culture and Sport Service’s Capital programme Chairman of the ECS Committee Councillor Bill said: “This the largest number of projects being progressed at the same time for many years. We all welcome the investment in our schools as we strive to provide 21st century education for our young people.”
Councillor David Alston, Budget Leader, said: “We are delighted that we have cross-party support for a capital spending programme of more than £60 million in this financial year. A similar spending trend is planned for the next couple of years. This is very good news for our local communities and for the construction industry in these challenging economic times.”