View Full Version : Gucci 16h TB mare - anyone know her??

19-May-11, 09:20
I am looking for info on Gucci a 16.1 tb mare, chestnut with stripe on her face. She is old approx 18 yr old.

I believe she was in the area, no idea how recently, maybe 2 yr or so as she had her vaccinations here.

I am thinking to have her, she is currently in Fife and I have had her vetted. I heard she was some sort of nutcase when she was here so I just want to get to the bottom of it as she never gave me or the vet who checked her that impression!

If anyone knows anything about this please can you PM me, thanks.

19-May-11, 14:55
Marion Bain at Achalone used to have a big mare called Bucci(i think) , maybe the same one.

19-May-11, 17:58
Thanks Daisychain, I hear she belonged to someone call Maria and she was stabled in Reay at Tia's yard but that's all I know!

20-May-11, 00:45
Hey yes - Maria Bain had her from what I know mon - speak to A(you know who I mean) she's met the mare I think

20-May-11, 08:40
If its the same horse that marions son used to ride i last seen her at Gleneagles.

20-May-11, 12:02
Thanks for that MA n Wickchick. She's coming home anyway, from what I can gather, she was stabled a lot n not out so that would cause hyperactivity in any horse! MA am just away in to see if I can get a bridle to match that Bates saddle o mine, what a job to get that reddish colour! Stubben is a great match but I am too tight to buy it!! Wickchick do you come to folks places n do lessons? Thanks

25-May-11, 17:25
Thank you to Gucci's previous owner getting in touch and putting the record straight.