View Full Version : Xbox 360 Problems

18-May-11, 18:32
Hi there I'm wondering if anyone knows how to fix my sons call of duty modern warfare 2 game when he tries to play it there appears a black screen and he can't play it but can play other games. I even got him a new game but still the same problem?? please any suggestions would be great. Thanks

13-Jun-11, 01:15
Is the xbox well ventilated could be that the graphic chip is overheating

14-Jun-11, 21:20
Is the console modified ?

17-Jun-11, 18:35
Is the console modified ?

when i read it thats exactly what i would ask too. If it is modified, COD probably wont play due to it being an online game. If it isnt modified, then check the forums and get a contact number.

17-Jun-11, 22:55
If he has installed it to his Xbox Hard Drive, tell him to uninstall it and try, the game on the hard drive may have corrupted somehow.

22-Jun-11, 19:32
If it's modded, it could well need an up date !

If it's not, could be a few things...