View Full Version : Who stole a solicitor's mobile?

18-May-11, 14:52
Phone case to be called on Tuesday

A TEENAGER pocketed a mobile phone belonging to a solicitor, at a Wick courthouse.
The cheeky theft happened, on Tuesday in the precincts of the courtroom where Inverness legal eagle, Jo Macdonald had been briefing clients due to appear at the Justice of the Peace Court.
She discovered the loss after the court rose and after a fruitless search the police were called in.
Their inquiries led to the arrest of 19-year-old Martin Kirk, who had been at the JP court in connection with another case, but was not represented by Ms Macdonald.
Kirk, of Gothigill Farm, Murkle, pleaded guilty to a charge of theft by finding, when he appeared from custody at the sheriff court, today, and was granted bail, pending an appearance on Tuesday, before Sheriff Andrew Berry, who will hear details of the Blackberry mobile’s disappearance.