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18-May-11, 10:19
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Over the Ord 1

SOMETIMES you find when a new organisation is formed, or reformed, that there is an initial burst of enthusiasm which subsequently wanes.
It can’t be said of the rejuvenated Wick Gala Committee. It had and attendance of 21 at its AGM when some of its stalwarts stood down and replacements were installed.
And, at their first full meeting at Wick Assembly Rooms, last night, the response was such that there was no room at the main table and an additional table was required to accommodate the overspill.
There was a profitable chewing of the fat on this year’s programme but, of course, you can’t have a gala without a queen.
The big royal news is that Catherine-Ann Crawford will reign over the week’s celebrations.
Supporting her will be attendants Kimberly Lewis and Kirsty Mackay; Maya MacLeod, Lauryn Miller, Abby Munro and Aiva Harper form her court and Stuart Grant will do the honours as herald.
Catherine-Anne’s coronation will take place in the Market Square on Saturday night, July 23, when, traditionally, the gala gets into its stride, although there’s a coffee morning and mini-talent show earlier in the day.
Now, next to the crowning, the pageantry of the decorated floats through the town, is a popular highlight of the opening day...but they are getting fewer in number.
I suspect, the problem is the availability of the right type of lorry. Possibly a trailer towed by a tractor would fit the bill. Floats are not confined to Wick so surely taking in the whole county, we can come up with a few more. There has never been any shortage of imagination for themes and, apart from safeguarding a vital feature of the gala, it would be good for competition.
On the programme front the committee was at pains to retain, old favourites such as the children’s fancy dress at the Braehead, the baby show, Rosebank bowling cycle races, the car treasure hunt, and gymkhana, the blessing of the fleet, a Wick players production and the grand finale featuring a fireworks display and barbeque. The concert party’s visit to the residential care homes, introduced, last year, look like becoming a regular item.
Innovations are a family fun day at the Riverside, including inflatables and a clay pigeon shoot, a gala dance in the Assembly Rooms to the music of local bands, a dog show, a walk around Wick, courtesy of Harry Gray. There are a few other attractions yet to be finalised.
The committee hopes to firm up a few other items when it meets in a fortnight’s time. Also under consideration is the choice of guest speaker at the crowning ceremony and there are one or two names in the frame.

*Contrastingly, it looks as if Wick’s other main attraction, the Hogmanay street party in the Market Square, is “no moa”. I haven’t heard a single expression of regret at its passing, let alone any desire to rescue it.