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17-May-11, 15:10
THE LATEST performance statistics for Northern Constabulary reveal that crime in the North Division of the Highlands and Islands in 2010-11 has continued to fall showing a decrease of 8.6% against the previous year (classes 1-5).

Crime down..detection rates
up, say northern constabulary

THE detection rate for classes 1 to 5 is an outstanding 67.9%, with 96.9% of serious crimes against the person detected. Overall detection rates remain high at 85.4% over all classes of crime.
Vandalism is frequently raised as a concern for communities and it is pleasing to note that these crimes fell by 23% across the North Division and 15% across the whole Force area.

Shetland showed a 14% decrease in crime and increased detection rates to 68.3% from 67% the previous year. (class 1-5)

Orkney showed a 17% decrease in crime, maintaining detection rates of nearly 70% (class 1-5).

Caithness, Sutherland and East Ross
Caithness, Sutherland and East Ross saw a 4% decrease in crime and achieved a significant increase in detection rates from 60 to 68% over the year 2010-11 (class 1-5).

New Divisional Commander Superintendent John Chisholm said: “These are excellent results for the Division and demonstrate the results of hard effort. Police do not work in isolation however and I want to thank the support and information we receive from our communities. We all need to work together to keep our communities safe from crime.”
Chief Constable George Graham praised Northern Constabulary's officers and staff for the excellent performance results.
He said: "The commendable results across the Force area are down to the continued dedication and commitment of our officers and staff and the support of our communities and partners. These results show that excellent police work has continued to drive crime down and maintain the highest detection rates in the UK against a backdrop of an extremely challenging and uncertain financial climate. This is clearly one of the highest performing forces in the UK and my aim is to keep it that way."