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17-May-11, 14:50
Assaulted man fell to the ground

A face-to-face confrontation outside a Thurso nightclub, led to Garry Mann lashing out at the man he had exchanged words with.
Mann admitted a charge of assault when he appeared at Wick Justice of the Peace Court, today.
The court was told that the incident occurred, as patrons were leaving Skindaniís, about 2am on January 23.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said that there were two versions of what had led up to the assault, but it was clear that Mann had struck the other man causing him to fall to the ground.
Solicitor Jo MacDonald said that Mann, of Quarry View, Weydale, had become involved in an argument which didnít concern him.
She added: ďDrink clearly played a part although it is not an excuse. The accused is a young man who has clearly learned his lesson.Ē
Sentence on Mann was deferred for six months to allow him to demonstrate he can behave himself.

Speeder fined

Robert Andrews was clocked travelling at 95 mph.
It cost him a fine of £200 for speeding near Thurso, on February 25.
The 63-year-old of Royal Terrace, Thurso, admitted speeding in a 60mph limit, in a letter to the court.

Fraud alleged.

A Papa Westray man is facing a supermarket fraud.
Carl Howley wasnít present when the case was called, but a message from his solicitor resulted in the case being continued without plea.
The charge alleges that Howley (27) obtained £144 by returning a television at the Wick Tesco store, claiming he was a man named C. Stewart, of 31 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick, and persuaded an assistant to give him a refund. Howley is charged with having committed the offence, on February 18, while on bail.
He was staying at 37 Cairndhuna Terrace, at the time, but subsequently moved back to his parents' home at Cuppin, Papa Westray.
The case is due to be called again on June 14.

Denies careless driving.

A SCRABSTER man is to stand trial on a charge of careless driving.
Stephen Clark, 20, of Westend House, Scrabster Road, pleaded not guilty. The charge alleges that he drove off, into the path of a lorry, on the road, on March 4, causing the vehicles to collide and the lorry to hit a wall and two road signs.
Trial has been fixed for August 9.

No insurance

HAVING no insurance cost Derek Hughes a £200 fine. The offence came to light when he was stopped by police in Shelligoe Road, Lybster on November 4, last year.
It was stated that Hughes (54) of Holborn Avenue, Thurso, had arranged for insurance cover but it had not come into force when he was stopped. He also incurred six penalty points.

Flashed his lights

William Miller was given a chance to show he could behave himself after he admitted having acted in an abusive or threatening manner.
It was stated that his wife had an altercation with two other persons in a supermarket, in Wick, on December 4, and phoned him in an upset state.
Miller (50) of Ackergill Crescent, Wick, followed the pair in his car, lights flashing, to speak to them about the incident.
The accused caught up with them at a car park, in the town, and shouted and swore at them.
The Justices deferred sentence for six months.