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Ambassador G'Kar
13-May-11, 20:16
We got the news we were hoping for today that our Lab is going to have puppies in 3 weeks time.

Its been a planned breeding with both her and the stud having had their hips score done and we have possible homes already for 1 or 2 puppies. They will be be KC registered.

Just so exciting and wanted to share :lol:

13-May-11, 20:44
will they be being sold??

how much for a female... what colors are predicted?

thank you

Ambassador G'Kar
13-May-11, 21:40
Yes we will be selling the puppies and no idea what colors they will be. Both dogs are chocolate but I know that our bitch came from two chocolate parents and the litter had black, yellow and chocolate in it so will have to wait till they are here to know.

Ambassador G'Kar
13-May-11, 21:43
Tried to pm you but your mail box is full.

15-May-11, 12:28
I would be very interested in a male puppy and would be most grateful if you could inform me when they are ready to be viewed ...
many thanks ...

Ambassador G'Kar
15-May-11, 14:52
No problem at all will let you know once they have arrived

15-May-11, 17:04
Good luck to your girl, has she had pups before? If you need any help just give me a shout as my girl is having pups in 3 weeks time as well!

Ambassador G'Kar
15-May-11, 18:20
Thanks Crustyroll will remember that and good luck to your girl too xx