View Full Version : Puppy digging holes

13-May-11, 08:57
Hi I have a 8month old puppy and he keeps on digging holes in my garden does anyone have any suggestions that would stop him doing this?

13-May-11, 09:13
dont leave him unatended in the garden ;)

13-May-11, 17:45
Take away his shovel !!!

13-May-11, 22:09
If you find a cure for this you will make a fortune. I would love to hear how you cure this problem as my garden looks like the Somme. Netting over the favourite digging areas is the best I have come up with so far.

13-May-11, 23:36
you sneek the hose on when they are in the act and cool their fun quickly, worked for me.

14-May-11, 00:15
Ie use oththr toys for distraction...and nasty stuff to deter..bad tasting things, slipper,cage etc...

16-May-11, 15:45
sounds like a healthy happy pup to me. :o}

16-May-11, 18:58
my hubby would recommend a swishy stick! a sharp slap across its bum will soon stop it!

16-May-11, 19:13
Sounds like the pup isn't getting enough mental/physical stimulation. How often is the pup walked and do you stick to the same route every time?

17-May-11, 12:14
It's bored. Give it a bit more of a life.

17-May-11, 12:30
Puppies just love to dig!!!

Benjy did this when he was a puppy despite plenty of exercise and mental 'stimulation'. He stopped at about a year old! :)

17-May-11, 16:45
Take away his shovel !!!

I'm sorry wild1, but I did find this "answer" hilarious !!! :lol:
I'm sorry too that I don't have any answers for your problem with your puppy digging, but really hope you get it sorted out soon. :(

17-May-11, 19:17
The infamous Baz is 18 months old, and he still digs if we leave him alone in the garden. It's hard to tell him off without laughing (which spoils the whole effect), because he looks so happy when he is doing it. Kayli and Tassy have never dug holes, but our first dog, Dram, also did so. Is it a male dog thing?