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12-May-11, 15:00
Curfew accused was at nightclub

A MAN who breached a bail order was jailed for six months at Wick Sheriff Court, today.
Angus Cormack admitted failing to comply with a 7pm-7am curfew condition, between April 16 and 17.
It was stated that police spotted him, outside Skinandi’s nightclub, in Thurso, at 1am on April 17 and he was taken into custody.
His solicitor, Neil Stewart said that Cormack, of Main Street, Lybster, had bumped into friends, in Thurso, the previous afternoon and had gone for a few drinks with then. “One thing had led to another” and he fell asleep. On wakening, the accused had tried in vain, to get back home, but had failed to obtain transport.
Sheriff Andrew Berry commented that a nightclub was an unusual route to have taken.
The prison sentence was backdated to the date Cormack (23) was taken into custody.

Pestered former girlfriend

A THURSO man who pestered is former girlfriend and went on to shout and swear in a local shop, was jailed for four months.
Liam Henderson (23) admitted two charges of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner. It was stated that he met the woman, by chance in Henderson Street, Thurso, on April 25.
The accused wanted to speak to her about aspects of their relationship, but was drunk and she wanted nothing to do with him. He shouted at her and followed her along the street breaking into a run, to catch up with her. The woman was alarmed, and after making it clear that she wanted to be left alone, the accused went away.
Shortly afterwards, Henderson, of St John's House, Thurso, went into a shop in the town's High Ormlie and attempted to buy drink. The assistant refused to serve him and he shouted and swore at her.
Solicitor Neil Wilson added: “He thought he was being barred from the shop”. The added that Henderson had struggled to comply with a probation order imposed for a previous offence, due to his drinking.
Sheriff Berry said it might well be that during his time in custody, Henderson had been able to grasp the reality of his situation and the issues he had to address.
The sheriff added: “I have formed the view that in the interests of justice, a custodial sentence must be imposed. I hope it will cause you to reflect on your behaviour in the future”.
The prison sentence will run consecutively with a term, Henderson is currently serving. The accused who has several previous convictions, was ordered to carry out 110 hours of community service, after his release, for a previous offence for which he was put on probation and subsequently breached.
The sheriff revoked the order and imposed a fresh, one-year period of probation.

Plant cultivation proved costly

POLICE, who visited an address in Murkle Terrace, Thurso, on November 16, discovered two small cannabis plants.
The resident, Anson Robertson, confirmed they were for his own use and he was charged with possessing the Class B drug.
Robterson (29) admitted possession was fined £150.