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12-Sep-06, 22:08
What's the best way to get the Sky tv on the television upstairs in the bedroom, is it quite easy?

12-Sep-06, 22:23
Depends on what you want to do, if you just want to watch you will need a RF sender/aerial or a coax cable/cable splitter to get the signal to the bedroom.
If you want to control it Argos and CEF do a kit with a receiver and a remote control you will need to run a coax cable between the receiver which is hooked up to the rear of the telly in your bedroom and your Sky box, you will connect to the 2nd rf output and have to switch on the supply to this within the sky box menu, the instructions should come with the kit.

Mr P Cannop
12-Sep-06, 22:24
buy a video sender

12-Sep-06, 22:27
Thanks for the advice. :) I think I'd maybe better get some-one in to do it right. Any ideas who and how much they charge?

12-Sep-06, 22:41
It all depends on what you want to do upstairs with the TV.

Do you want to control what you watch or Do you want to watch what is on the TV downstairs.

If you want to control the channels- Then you need a tvlink which will allow you to turn over the tv with your sky remote upstairs. This gets connected by a coaxial cable between the main tv and the upstairs tv. The sky box has an RF2 outlet which provides the power for this once switched on in the menu.

If you want to watch the same - Then all you need to do is run a coaxial lead from the back of the sky box marked RF2 outlet to the tv upstairs.

If you want to watch a different channel - All you need is another Sky Digibox which connects straight to your tv upstairs to the dish on the wall. You will need a dual/quad LNB for this. You can get another subscription from Sky for an extra 10 a month - This is called Multiroom

Hope this helps

Mr P Cannop
12-Sep-06, 22:41
are you in Thurso or Wick ??

12-Sep-06, 22:42
try this I got one recently you fit it yourself


12-Sep-06, 22:44
try this I got one recently you fit it yourself

http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5344273.htmThanks Golach, i think that's just what I'm looking for..:)

13-Sep-06, 10:22
Hi Connie,

It's pretty straightforward stuff to hook up a video sender.

Just a word of warning though to everybody ... what you need to be aware of is that they operate on the same frequency as wireless networks and some other devices using the same frequency (2.4GHz) and therefore one can interfere with the other. Just switch one of them off to cure it.

Microwaves have also been known to cause interference but usually only if it's very very close to it.