View Full Version : Northern Constabulary speed and seatbelt campaign

10-May-11, 12:14
Police crackdown on speed and seatbelt offenders

OFFICERS in Northern Constabulary are preparing to crackdown on speeding drivers and seatbelt offenders.
Tomorrow, officers from across the Highlands and Islands will be in action, targeting those who are risking their lives and those of others, by their irresponsible behaviour.
The day of action is part of the force’s ongoing commitment to the improvement of safety on Highlands and Islands roads and comes just a fortnight after the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland’s Country Roads campaign, at Easter, which detected a worryingly high number of speeders.
Head of Road Policing, Inspector John Smith, speaking ahead of the enforcement day, said he was disappointed at the results and hoped there would be an improvement, tomorrow.
He continued: “”Despite the number of road traffic collisions that happen daily, across, the UK, the recent enforcement campaign highlighted the fact that drivers are still not listening to the warnings we issue."
The inspector added: "There is no reason for people in vehicles not to wear a seatbelt. It is one of the most advanced safety items and has proved again and again, that it can make the difference between life and death, in a collision.
Inspector Smith went on to to speak of Northern Constabulary’s ongoing commitment to road safety and warned: “I would like to point out, that the detection of people driving in an unsafe manner will extend all year round, not just a single day.”