View Full Version : Help with ironing?

09-May-11, 10:13
There was a thread on here sometime ago about a lady in Thurso who does ironing for people.

I can't seem to track it down, but a freind of mine who lives near Wick, is wondering if the service stretches to the East of the county and any details - eg - price, etc., which I could pass on ?

13-May-11, 13:12
Pressed For Time - Sheila can be contacted on 01847 893901 or 07743150758

15-May-11, 21:33
Thanks kazcog, but my friend needs someone in or near Wick - Sheila sounds a lovely woman, but she can't deliver her service to the Wick side of the county.

My friend is still looking for someone to do ironing for them within the Wick area ?