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08-May-11, 17:28
Danger of wildfires not over say fire chief

A HIGHLANDS and Islands fire chief has made an urgent appeal to the public following a hectic week of wildfires, tackled by his teams.
Chief Officer Trevor Johnson warns against complacency, and stresses that although the majority of wildfires have been quelled, the threat of more blazes, remains a real one. Conditions are still dry and despite forecasts of rain, he states that fires can be started “very easily”, through a carelessly discarded cigarette, even from sparks from the smallest garden bonfire.
He continued: “A considerable amount of rain will be required, before the high fire risk diminishes.”
Mr Johnson advises those living in moorland or forest areas and anyone planning a trip into the countryside for business or recreation, to familiarise themselves and follow the good practice outline in the leaflet “Wildfires-Your Safety”, available from the Scottish Wildfire Forum website on www.scottishwildfireforum.org.uk (http://www.scottishwildfireforum.org.uk/)
For further information, contact the Community Risk Management Department of Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service, on 01463 227000.