View Full Version : Lamp was removed from trawler wreck

05-May-11, 11:56
Lamp will be returned to wreck

A LAMP removed from the sunken Peterhead trawler Trident, during a sub-sea investigation into her loss, is to be returned to the seabed.
Transport Department chiefs had planned to restore the lamp found near the wreck site, and put it on display in a local museum.
However, the families of the seven men lost, when the trawler went down off Wick in 1974, have forced a rethink. The relatives accused the department of plundering a family tomb. Now, the lamp is to be returned to its rightful place.
The Trident was the subject of a fresh inquiry after divers stumbled across the wreck in June 2001. It sparked a campaign for a fresh hearing, from the families. Despite their claims that the vessel was unstable, the inquiry found that no-one was to blame for the tragedy and the sinking had been caused by a sudden and catastrophic capsize.
A spokesman for the office of Scotlandís advocate general, who led the new inquiry, said that the lamp had been recovered, to provide the families with a suitable memorial to those who died and stressed that it had not been cut from its fittings or removed from the vessel.