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03-May-11, 14:50
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Then get your lungs checked out

Calling all residents in the Highland area, if you are feeling breathless and would like a free lung function test, please come along to the two British Lung Foundation (BLF) events taking place in Inverness in May.
On Thursday 12th May and Friday 13th May, the BLF, with support from NHS Highland, will be providing free breathing tests to members of the public. The two days aim to raise awareness of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which is an umbrella term for lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It is the 5th biggest killer in the UK, claiming more lives every year than breast and bowel cancer, with smokers and ex-smokers at particular risk of the condition.
According to BLF research, Inverness has a higher rate of hospital admissions for COPD than the UK average.
By offering the tests healthcare professionals will be able to identify people who need advice about symptoms associated with COPD and will ensure they are referred to their GP Practices for further advice. Common symptoms include a persistent chesty cough, breathlessness and wheezing.
Lung function tests are quick and painless and involve blowing into a tube. Although there is no cure for COPD, identifying the disease and pursuing the right treatment can dramatically improve quality of life and lung function tests are the best guide as to whether there may be early signs of the condition.
Mairi McConnochie COPD Project Officer at the British Lung Foundation said: “We are working hard to ensure that people who are living in areas where COPD is prevalent are able to access free lung function tests so they can get further help and advice to manage their condition. COPD is extremely under-diagnosed so we would encourage anyone who is experiencing symptoms such as breathlessness, a persistent cough or wheezy chest to come along to these free events to get tested.”
The first event will be held on Thursday 12th May at Co-op, Telford Street, Inverness from 10am-4pm and the second on Friday 13th May at Inverness Business Park, Inverness from 10am-4pm.