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Niall Fernie
02-May-11, 17:15
Anyone else looking forward to this as much as I am?

The Group B trailer has increased my impatience with the fleeting glimpse of the Pug 205.


A quick vid of me in the Pug on CMR 2005:


The difference in graphics quality shows how much the game has moved on in 6 years.

03-May-11, 21:33
Hell yea!!

Niall Fernie
05-May-11, 07:28
Do you play DiRT 2 atm? If so we'll need to get a race organised.

10-May-11, 17:35
The game would be better if it had more dragons!

Niall Fernie
10-May-11, 19:25
It would certainly make navigating a tri-apex corner at 90 mph sideways a lot more difficult if you also had to persuade 4 business types to invest in your brand new life-changing widget :)

Niall Fernie
10-May-11, 20:24
Preview from gamespot:


13-May-11, 15:55
I do play Dirt 2, what platform are you on?

Niall Fernie
14-May-11, 02:17
PC, uses Windows Live for online play.

Niall Fernie
28-May-11, 21:10
Well, its out now, who's playing it and what do you think.

I'm not impressed with the youtube upload but it can still be done via the usual screen capture methods:

My first look at Norway:


02-Jun-11, 23:18
The game is awesome