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30-Apr-11, 13:54
Man was drunk and incapable in court

A WICK man chose the worst possible place to be the worse of drink...the local sheriff court.
John Williamson came to the attention of the police after he turned up, there, on Thursday, in connection with a criminal case.
However, as the court sitting progressed, it was noticed he was no longer in the public benches. Williamson of Kennedy Terrace, Wick, was traced, elsewhere in the building and he was taken to hospital, as a precaution. However his only problem was found to be alcohol.
Williamson admitted having been drunk, and incapable of looking after himself, at a special sitting of the court today.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that the 45-year-old had got himself into” a state” with drink, at his home and added: “Had he just fallen asleep, no-one would have been any the wiser. Mr Wilson submitted that Williamson had been punished more than most, as he had been detained for 48 hours in custody after being arrested, opposed to getting a spot fine or being ordained to appear at a later date.
The solicitor asked Honorary Sheriff Murray Lamont to take these matters into consideration.
Mr Wilson added that Williamson had not wasted his time in custody and had read a leaflet produced by an organisation who help people with alcohol problems and Williamson intended contacting them immediately after the court. The accused was admonished.